nautical soundproofing

Fully customizable noise reduction solutions for large and medium sized pleasure boats and special applications.

On a boat, everything produces noise: the chassis, the fittings, the bow thruster and above all the diesel engine are the main enemies of comfort on board.

Acoustically insulate engine compartment linings and engine gaskets

All our products used for the nautical sector are suitable both for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation of bulkheads and decks, and for the insulation of:
- Hot and cold pipes;
- Machinery;
- Gas exhaust pipes;
- Conditioning pipes.

Nautical products


Fiberglass mat in needle-punched and aluminized glass fiber.

Die-cut kit for coating

Expanded melamine with interposed rubber and aluminum.


Heat-resistant gaskets for engines.


Pyramidal polyurethane and Fonitek panels.