Industrial gaskets

Natural synthetic rubbers

guarnizioni industriali in gomma tranciata

Natural rubber, synthetic rubber, para and silicone gaskets.

Mylar, Teflon, nylon and flexoil gaskets

Guarnizioni industriali in mylar, teflon, nylon, flexoil

Dielectric, seal and friction details.

Industrial molded gaskets

Guarnizioni industriali in gomma stampata

Details to design printed in EPDM rubber, silicone, Vyton.

Heat-resistant joint gaskets

Seals cut to design for high temperatures in asbestos-free joints approved for water and gas.

Rubber cork gaskets

Guarnizioni industriali in sughero

Cork gaskets⁣⁣⁣⁣ oil resistant rubber. DIN and DGW standards.

Foam foam gaskets

Guarnizioni industriali in mousse espanso

Sealing gaskets in EPDM foam and neoprene, adhesive and non-adhesive.


Guarnizioni industriali o ring

Sealing rings in NBR and silicone.

Silicone tubes

guarnizioni industriali e tubi in silicone

Silicone tubes available by the meter or cut to size.