Magneti Plastic

An efficient and dynamic company able to immediately understand and solve customer problems guaranteeing reliability and quality.

Thirty years experience in the province of Pavia

The Magneti Plastic for over 30 years, is synonymous with great professionalism and experience in the field of processing of compact tires, expanded PPI and blanked filters, leading in the production and design of custom parts.

Modern structures and high-tech machinery like water-jet, allow us to provide increasingly sophisticated products made according to the most particular needs.

All the materials used in our work comply with current regulations such as RoHs and Reach.

Our products

Seals in natural and synthetic rubber, pare and silicones, molded seals, design details printed in rubber, silicone, vyton.

We produce rounded and radiused PPI shaped filters, filters and sleeves in polysther or nylon fabric, sewn directly onto Heads or PVC rings.

We design embossed or pyramidal slabs in MTP / 30 normal or AU Fonitek (melamine) in slab or panels of 600 x 600.

We manufacture heat-resistant roofs sewn in expanded melamine for steam boilers, coffee machines and water heaters.

Company philosophy


For many years we have enriched our experience to provide reliable and highly professional services.


We guarantee the use of top quality materials for all the products we make.


We take care of every request carefully studying customized solutions according to your needs.


The company philosophy based on an efficient and dynamic management, makes that the production and commercial units enhance the avant-garde ideas with the contribution of always new proposals able to understand and immediately solve the customer’s problems guaranteeing reliability and quality.


Via Artigiani, 6
27010 Guinzano (PV)
Phone: 0382. 933825
Fax: 0382. 938147

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