Our Company

Mr. Valter Giavazzi, thanks to the experience acquired in the industrial field for household appliance, petrochemical and hydraulic leading companies, founds in 1973 Magneti Plastic.

In 1992 his daughter Raffaella begins her experience supporting his father in the management of the company increasing over the years the sectors of production.

Actually the production concerns polyurethane foam soundproof panels and Fonitek sheets, natural and synthetic rubber gaskets, sewed and shaped filters, polyester or nylon sleeves directly sewn on PVC rings.
Our company also makes sewed heat resistant coatings in melamine foam for specific boilers for steam cleaning machines, steam irons and professional coffee machines

The whole production in based in our sewing and cutting departments.

Starting from the prototype given by the custom, our technical department is responsible of final tests concerning soundproofing and insulation.

We take care of the environment: our technical department suggests the use of new rubber inserts lead free, solving waste disposal.

Recently Magneti Plastic has opened a nautical division near Imperia for the production of soundproofing panels for engine plants, made with innovative and high quality materials both in terms of performance and environmental sustainability.

Magneti Plastic is based in Guinzano, near Pavia, and its production is carried out throughout the country and abroad.